I personalise each treatment, targeting specific muscles and using techniques that focus on areas of concern.  The oils used are individually chosen and blended to intensify the benefits of your massage. 

Lava shell massage - Lava shell rescue package

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Lava shell massage is a type of heat treatment that uses tiger clam shells as a massage tool. The heat is produced by inserting a lava gel sachet (containing magnesium and sea kelp) and activator liquid (saline solution with lavender) into the shell.

A greatly enjoyable massage for anyone with tense muscles as the heat from the lava shells will gently relax away knots.

In the lava shell rescue package lava shells and glacial shells are used in combination to treat more general aches and pains.

"Amazing pick me up, I can't believe how good I feel." - Sam

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Indian Head Massage – 45 mins 

An Indian head massage involves work on your upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face.  The massage is given seated through clothing or directly onto your skin and hair using nourishing organic oils.

It is stimulating yet deeply relaxing, creating a shift in energies and a great sense of wellbeing.  An Indian head massage can reduce stress and anxiety and aid emotional recovery following grief.   It can also revitalise hair follicles and help combat insomnia and psoriasis.


Swedish Massage – 45 mins / 75 mins

Swedish massage focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissue.  It uses long, flowing strokes to relieve muscle pain, reduce joint stiffness and release tension.  The 5 basic strokes are effleurage (gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (tapping), friction and vibration.

It is a vigorous treatment that involves a lot of pummelling.  I use thumb, hand, forearm and elbow pressure, making it an energetic treatment both to give and to receive.  The massage is delivered with oil directly onto the skin.

Although the pressure can be adapted to the individual, Swedish massage is not suitable for the frail or elderly.  It is ideal for anyone suffering from a sports injury or from pain and tension in the back and shoulder area.

45 mins – back, neck & shoulder massage

75 mins – full body massage

La Stone Massage – 75 mins


La Stone massage is the ultimate pamper treatment.  It is a deeply therapeutic massage combining warm volcanic basalt stones with cooler marble stones.   

I place stones of varying weights on your body's key energy channels. Alternating between hot and cold stimulates and then relaxes the circulatory system.  The idea is to create a perfect state of homeostasis - a stable, constant body temperature.  The pressure is maintained evenly throughout, with the stones doing all the work. 

La Stone massage is an extremely nurturing and powerful treatment.  Its effects continue long after you have left the salon.  Clients often report vivid dreams and sensations of complete release following treatment. 

Aromatherapy Massage – 75 mins

In Aromatherapy massage 3 essential oils are fused together to create synergy.  I blend a top, middle and bottom note in a carrier oil, before massaging them into your skin using light strokes.  Essential oils contain properties that can help heal conditions ranging from indigestion to eczema. 

The oils are absorbed through your skin and enter your bloodstream, delivering their therapeutic qualities to the affected area.  Aromatherapy is very effective at targeting a range of ailments but a person cannot train to be an aromatherapist until they have qualified as a massage therapist.  A consultation is required prior to treatment to ensure that the oils selected assist rather than aggravate your condition.  

An aromatherapy massage is a very relaxing and nurturing experience.  It helps balance your mind and promotes tranquillity as well as good health.



Gentle Touch Reflexology session - 45 mins

The soles of your feet provide a map of your body, each reflex point corresponding to a vital organ or body zone.  Your reflexes are easily accessible and very receptive to touch as the layer of skin on your feet is so thin.  Tenderness on the soles can be an early indicator of a weakness elsewhere.

Traditional reflexology is associated with firm pressure on the feet, whereas gentle touch reflexology uses a more subtle but equally powerful touch.  It is ideal for those who find regular reflexology too stimulating or painful.  

The treatment starts with a foot soak in warm water infused with cleansing peppermint.  By applying light pressure to the soles of your feet with my thumbs and index fingers, I can correct imbalances and release blocked energy channels.  There is no pummelling, just a gentle rhythm that promotes a deep sense of relaxation.  The soft flow of energy helps you to access your own healing potential.  It works on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level.  This popular holistic treatment can improve your circulation and boost your immune system, while helping you to unwind.

Reflexology works best as a course of treatment – in 4-6 sessions you should notice a real improvement.  As a therapist, I am genuinely amazed by the power reflexology has not only to heal but also to rebalance the mind and body.

"I have regular reflexology treatments with Kris primarily for relaxation, although she works on any problems that arise. I LOVE having treatments and always count the days until the next one. Kris recharges the batteries of my inner torch." – Chrissie


While reflexology provides an insight into your physical health, foot reading exposes your emotional health.  By analysing the structure and texture of your feet, I can help you to really understand your personality and to identify with your emotions. 

Feelings are evident in your feet – the shape and tilt of your toes, the gaps between them, even the calluses have a story to tell.   For example, the second toe on your right foot reveals what you want out of life, whereas your fourth toe is all about communication.  The consultation does not diagnose your foot health or offer medical advice, it acts as a mirror of your inner self, bringing your true emotional state to light. 

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Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique, a form of spiritual healing.  As a reiki master, I use your energy fields to cleanse and revitalise your body systems.  By lightly placing my hands on your head and torso, I stir the energy within you.  If your life force energy is low, you risk falling sick; if it is high, you are more likely to experience happiness and better health. 

Reiki can be a very comforting experience.  While some people feel a sensation of heat, others have an emotional response.  The overall result is a sense of peace and wellbeing, a feeling that harmony has been restored.


Hopi ear candling is ideal for anyone who suffers from headaches, insomnia, excessive snoring, compacted earwax or recurring ear infections.  It is a non-invasive, painless treatment. 


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