Lava shell massage - Lava shell rescue package

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Lava shell massage is a type of heat treatment that uses tiger clam shells as a massage tool. The heat is produced by inserting a lava gel sachet (containing magnesium and sea kelp) and activator liquid (saline solution with lavender) into the shell.

The application of glacial shells conducts heat away from the body and has an anaesthetic effect, reducing pain within the muscle, decreasing muscle spasm and inflammatory response.

The rescue package is ideal for anyone suffering from muscular pain, inflammation or numbness resulting from injury or as a result of stress.

"Amazing pick me up, I can't believe how good I feel." - Sam
“Fabulous, really great feeling for days afterwards. The 'sweet pain' of firm pressure, very, very good. Thank you Kris" – Ashka

£65 for 60 mins

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